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The possible spheres of your product sale in Rostov region are:

- industrial equipment, conveyors, driving machines;
- hydraulic components;
- agricultural machines;
- aviation;
- railway transport;
- elevators;
- heavy and light industry;
- wood- and plastic-working machines;
- other customers using parts for their machines and equipment (packing machines, pouring machines, foodstuff machines, etc).

VESTER LLC will help you:

- to make careful marketing analysis of possible customers and competitors of the parts planned for sale at the local area;
- to work out the Commercial offers with possible customers;
- to decide about representative work starting according to the chosen development variant with following issues: target and task formulation; required personnel, office and warehouse; flow chart of work and reports; other issues;
- to organise profitable cooperation by representing of your Company at Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Region.
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Conformance certificate